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I’m just writing to tell you how thankful I am for your site. It’s extremely easy to use and I always make sure I immediately upload to your site after downloading my pictures from my camera. Thank goodness, because today I discovered some of my picture files of my one-year old daughter were corrupted and unrecoverable from my computer and from my back up disks. Thank goodness they are all safe and sound on dropshots so I can look at them anytime and order prints of them if needed. Please keep up the good work, I love your site!!

Amy Sand – Lawrence, Kansas

I really appreciate that i can share videos of my two kids, grandma and grandpa moved to Il from Iowa and they really miss the grandkids and most sites will not let you email a video cause they are too large for their size minimum and the feature of video sharing has been a great help in keeping in touch. Thank You so much.

The Shaw Family – Charlottesville, Virginia

I LOVE this site! I live in England, while my family (and many friends) lives in the States. I recently had my first baby so I was desperate to find a site to host not only photos, but VIDEOS of the little guy to share with family and friends back in the States. I was surprised at how few sites there were! DropShots is perfect. I’m really excited about the 5 min. video vs. 2 mins. and you can’t beat the Star user price. I’m going to tell ALL my friends as it’s a great way to stay in touch with family and friends across the globe. Do you have stock available to buy?? I want in now!

Gay Veale – Newmarket, England

Your website is such a huge benefit. Now our 10 month old can show her Grandmas and Great Grandmas her sign language talents. Without this site, we would not be able to show off our new baby! THANK YOU!!

Robert – Holly, Michigan

I just started using DropShots today and I LOVE it! I can’t believe how quickly my photos and video upload! When my friends have been viewing my files, the pages load fast too! Much better than some other sites I’ve been using. Our son just turned 1 and this is an AWESOME way to share photos and video of him to friends and relatives that are far away… Everyone should use this site! =)

Arminda Rifflard – Columbus, Ohio

Hi and thanks for the best site for picture/video sharing on the net. I looked through a number of solutions but found yours as the easiest to use/admin. I will definitely recommend this site to my friends.

Tommy – Stockholm Sweden

I love the way DropShots is organized; it allows me to see a snapshot of what’s going on in my life at any given time. And it’s also a great way for me to keep in touch with all of my friends!.

Sandy Yu – Los Angeles, California

I want to thank you so much for this service. I have lived down the street from my grandkids for 12 years. Recently they moved out of state. A huge void occurred in my life. Since they joined DropShots I can see and share in the lives daily! I am on your site several times a day. It brings me such joy to be able to see and interact with my family regularly. You made that possible. I am eternally grateful for DropShots!!

Grandma Grace – Buffalo, New York

We can’t tell you how fantastic your site has been for us, living 6,000 miles away from our families. We can share images of our baby and everyone’s delighted. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the site makes it so easy to use. We’ve converted many of our relatives around the globe to DropShots. We wish you so much luck in building and improving your great web tool!

Cynthia Clemons – Beaumont, Texas

Your service is the BEST i have found as to share videos. I have looked almost 6 months and didn’t hesitate to upgrade right away

Christine Young – Salinas, California

DropShots is very easy to use which is what I like best about it.

Grandpa George – Missoula, Montana

DropShots is the best! It allowed me to share my kid’s first steps with all my family, priceless! I love the site, it is so easy and fun to use.

Keith Froman – Albuquerque, New Mexico

I love this site!! I just wanted to tell you how much I love this (DropShots) service. I had to move away from my home town when my husband’s job was transferred. I became sooo homesick and lonely. Then one of my friends introduced me to Dropshots. Now I communicate and share in the lives of my friends and family MORE than when they lived a mile away! Thank you, thank you, thank you DropShots!!!

Jacklyn McKinsey – Bellevue, Washington

Hi, my name is Sammi. I use your website so much that my mom said I should send you an email to say thank you, so Thank You. I love seeing the notes my grammy and grampy leave on my pictures. It is fun!

Samantha Rach – Calgary, Canada

DropShots is the best! I have tried every other photo sharing site there is. It became too difficult to coach some of my family members on how to see and navigate through my pictures so I gave up until I found you! Your site is so easy that even my grandma who just got a computer a month ago is uploading her own pictures and making comments on mine. It’s fantastic!

Alexis Faraday – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I was away on a business trip when daughter took her first step. My wife was able to capture it on video and immediately upload it to our site (DropShots). I saw it with in minutes of it happening. I then took a video of myself cheering on Lola from my hotel room and uploaded it. My wife played it for her and she instantly propped up, pointed at the computer screen, smiled and giggled Da-da. Thank goodness for technology like yours!

Brett Lamontague – Houghton, Michigan

Thanks (DropShots)! Your site is the best there is!

Jeff Taylor – Glendale, California

Wow, you make everything so easy! I am a real computer neophyte and I feel like a pro when I am on your site. Thank you!! Now, if you could just reorganize the rest of the internet please ;-)

Sabrina DeFlores – Lahaina, Hawaii

I have a twin sister in Brazil and I am in New Jersey. It has been very difficult to stay in touch with each other. I have missed her so much. Since we have started using dropshots we have become actively involved in each others lives. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this service.

Livia Otelo – Allendale, New Jersey

I just put my entire My Pictures folder into your Drop Box. Instantly 5 years worth of pictures are automatically organized. Pictures I even forgot about, this is so amazing! Thank you!!

Jonathan Levy – Rock Point, Oregon

I have used your site (DropShots) for a year. I just started using video. I really liked this before, but now I LOVE IT!! There is something so neat about seeing my family on video on a regular basis.

Stephanie Richardson – Jacksonville, Florida

I am addicted to DropShots! I have family spread over 6 states. Keeping in-touch and maintaining a meaningful relationship was nearly impossible. Now I am not only sharing in the daily experiences of all my family, but I am even connecting more with my close friends living only a few miles away.

Teresa Watts – Dallas, Texas

Until now I have felt that technology has done more to separate us rather than bring us closer. DropShots is different. I feel like I am able to share in the daily lives of all my friends and family. I feel closer and more connected to each of them than ever before. This is truly something unique. Every family should use DropShots!

Catherine O’Donnell – Santa Fe, New Mexico

This service has been so great! I have 3 kids one of which is only 3-months old. Now with DropShots I can easily share the photos and videos with all my friends and family. My kids just love reading the comments or watching the video messages from family members. I feel like the entire “village” of all our family and close friends can participate and contribute to my kid’s lives.

Debra Taylor – Waltham, Massachusetts

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with DropShots. It seems like you’re constantly updating, upgrading, and improving what was already more than fantastic to begin with. Any time I’ve had a dumb-me problem, you’ve helped out quickly and politely even though you probably wanted to hit me over the head with my own keyboard. I feel like my lifetime membership was a steal since I know that you’ll keep making this a premium picture-sharing service. I thank you for that, but my friends and family members in other states who check in daily to watch my kids grow thank you more. Good job and keep up the good work!

Cathy – St Louis, Missouri

My husband and I are high school sweethearts. 3 years ago we had to move out of our home town because of my husband’s job. We felt like an island, disconnected from everything and everyone we cared about. It was very lonely. Since using DropShots I feel more involved and connected to my friends and family than ever before. DropShots was a lifesaver for me! Thank you!!

Donna Richards – Martinsburg, Virginia

We use it (DropShots) to update our family and friends on our baby’s life and how she is changing and growing. It was easy to use and our family wanted to watch our baby grow. It is great way to keep in touch with loved ones and it really has brought our family closer together even though we live in Newfoundland and they live in Calgary. They love it!

Jennifer Fleming – Conception Bay South, Newfoundland Canada

That DropShots is fool proof because the drag n’ drop system is so easy to use! I literally just have to open my folder, click on it and drag it over to the DropShots camera icon. DropShots has let my sister, who lives in British Columbia, watch my children as they grow up and even hear them speak through viewing my DropShots videos. There have been times when I know friends or family have needed “Cheering up” and what better way to do it than showing them a video of my son dancing ridiculously at an outdoor concert?!

Trisha Chapman – Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

I have 13 grandchildren in 4 states. I was lucky if I got a chance to talk with each of them for two minutes once a month. Now after being able to see and converse about what’s happening in their lives we have so much more to share and I feel much closer to all of them.

Katherine Dennis – Cornish, New Hampshire

DropShots is an excellent way to share pictures and video with family and friends and is great because it can be accessed from anywhere. We use it (DropShots) to allow grandma who just moved recently to Minooka, IL to view videos of the kids from Sioux City, Iowa. The videos are just too large to email so this is the only way to share these experiences with her. Grandma absolutely loves it! I even use it at work even to show co workers funny things the kids do.

Kendra Kaiser – Sioux City Iowa

I am impressed with the “drag-and-drop” feature of uploading pictures and videos. DropShots is the easy way I have found to share your life with family and friends.

Derek Justmann – Burlington, Iowa

DropShots has provided such an easy and convenient way for me and my family to share pictures and videos. We do not live near any of our immediate family anymore because the military moves us around. It pleases the grandparents, aunts and uncles to be able to see our children grow up and feel like they are still a part of our kids’ lives. Now that my husband is gone on deployment, using DropShots, he is able to see videos of his daughters doing everyday things that he misses so much. He sends photo and video messages of himself so they know he is thinking about them. This has meant so much to our family!

Genton Family – US Navy

I cannot stress enough how much comfort was brought to his tiny little computer tent in Iraq when he was able to see his daughter’s first steps on video and his family’s Christmas. I tell all my friends about it. Everyone I know eventually ends up spending time apart for deployments and they love this tool so much. It is nice our loved ones are able to hear and see their family during long separations. It is priceless!!

Jennifer Maxwell – Proud wife of Cpl. Maxwell, USMC

My husband will be leaving for Iraq in the spring, and he will rely on this site to see pics of our son and baby that will be born while he is away! I am 9 weeks pregnant now!

Randi and Bryan Burke – US Marines

I live with my husband in Arizona, yet all of our family is back east. We just had our first child a few weeks ago, and naturally all of the family back east is just dying to bond with him. I have been sending photos frequently, which can be done quite easily. Sharing video was another story. With your site, I am able to have the new grandparents and all other family get to know my son in a way that they never otherwise would have!!

Margaret Witzah – Arizona
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